Perfection is a Process

  • Thompson Rendering
  • Thompson Rendering
  • Stevanoski Bathroom
  • Sinn Rendering
  • Regents Park Unit
  • Regents Park Showcase House
  • Pritchard Rendering
  • Pritchard Virginia
  • Memar Rendering
  • Genesis Kitchen
  • Bryant Rendering

Hungeling Design offers full-scale design services for the Kitchen, Bath, Dressing Room, and Library.  In addition, we offer design of paneling and interior millwork throughout the home.  The firm is based in Atlanta, Georgia, but our projects range well across the United States, and occasionally, even abroad.  With over 13 years of design experience catering to luxury properties, we understand the scale and proportion inherent in these homes.   Over time, we have carefully cultivated strategic relationships with the world’s most prestigious brands for the luxury home.  Working with exclusively high-end, bespoke furniture collections and interior fittings, Hungeling Design offers a unique singular access point to these luxury goods.

The process is usually launched through an initial design consultation.  If possible, a survey of the existing site is highly desirable.  Once the objectives and challenges of the project have been established, a proposal for services is prepared.  This proposal will outline the scope of services and identify any retainers and related expenses for the project.  Upon the client’s acceptance of this proposal, we begin the design process.  The presentation is then rendered to the client in the form of artistic drawings, as well as floor plans and elevations prepared in AutoCad.  Once any adjustments are made based on client feedback,  we complete the design process with the careful selection of other interior fittings and finishes.  We also prepare electrical and suggested lighting plans for our designs.

If you would like to inquire about our services further, please use the link below or inquire by telephone at (404) 869-1108.