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Amazing Kitchen Design featuring Clive Christian cabinetry



Amazing Kitchen for a Grand Tennessee Home

Kitchen Trends Cover, Vol 2303This amazing kitchen on the Tennessee River is a study in luxury living. The homeowners wanted a space that would be in keeping with the beauty and grand scale of the house.  Perfection was worth the wait for this couple, who took five years to build their 25,000 square foot dream home near Chattanooga.   During the first few years of construction, they had purchased two other kitchen designs for the space, but had discarded each in turn upon realizing that the cabinetry was not of adequate quality for their high-end home.  Finally, the homeowners turned to a brand of cabinetry that they had long coveted in interior design magazines – Clive Christian.  With the help of Hungeling Design, the architectural details of the home were allowed to flow seamlessly into the kitchen through the use of the columns and pilasters of the French Oak cabinetry.

Given the generous size of the kitchen, the space needed to be careful divided into individual work zones. This was accomplished by creating two islands  with distinct functions.  The main island features a prep sink and pull-out trash.  Being directly opposite of the range, the first island takes center stage for most of the cooking tasks.  In contrast, the second island is designed to encourage guests to linger without getting in the cook’s way.  Two islands are often a better solution than one large island, especially given the square proportions of this room.   The main sink under the window serves  as the principal clean-up area with two dishwashers. Pull-out pilasters  next to the sink even conceal the dishtowels and a small assortment of cleaning supplies.   Finally, a small peninsula veers toward the family room to house refrigerator drawers, an  ice maker and bar sink for guest’s beverages.

This kitchen features the Regency range of cabinetry, by Clive Christian.  It’s rich, French Oak cabinets were stained a custom color by company artists.  Appliances were concealed, wherever possible, by custom cabinet panels.  Stately columns flanked the range and gave an appropriately grand focal point to the room.  Two paneled Sub Zero refrigerators were positioned together and topped with a pediment to complete this amazing kitchen.

This kitchen was recently featured on an HGTV special, called “Top Ten Amazing Kitchens.” The producers scoured the country looking for the best representation of luxury kitchens,  and America voted on their favorites.  

Featured in Kitchen TrendsEverything in Its Place,” Volume 2303


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